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  • Flexistretcher 2 allows dance-specific or sport-specific movement
  • Flexistretcher increases muscle strength in a safe, productive way.
  • Flexi stretcher promotes the development of muscular growth, strength, and power.
  • Unlike flimsy elastic stretching bands (such as the theraband) or stiff nylon straps, the Flexistretchers resistance has been carefully measured to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle.
  • This combination is unique only to the Flexistretcher.
  • The Flexistretcher design allows it to be used on full body stretches (such as a ballet arabesque), as well as targeting specific smaller areas.
  • designed for the use of professional dancers, the Flexistretchers is going to last
  • Adjustable straps for any flexibility level and padded peices for comfort
  • Designed by a professional dancer recovering from injury
  • Flexistretcher and it's training methods are researched and tailored to compliment the ever evolving demands of ballet technique.


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